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We are We Found Travel – The essential global guide to the most unique and unusual things to do and places to stay around the world.


We specialise in showcasing the ultimate experiences perfectly suited to alternative travellers, including extraordinary places, imaginative accommodation, unusual destinations and one-of-a-kind activities.


Along with our community of travel enthusiasts, we are blazing a new path of discovery whilst supporting the growth of responsible, culturally inclusive and curious travellers. 


Whether you travel in style or on a budget, our collection offers something for everyone, from chilled out secret island getaways, cultural & ethical trips and bold adventures to extreme encounters, survival challenges, immersive dining locations, unusual tours and sometimes just downright bazar attractions.


We’re a mishmash of global awesomeness for those who want an alternative way of travelling and the most epic stories to return home with.


Never stop doing things for the first time.

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Ethics & Ethos

And our little green ledger

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is often banded about, and let’s face it, it’s an important aspect to travelling if you want to preserve the places that you’re visiting.

We want to make it clear to you our efforts to ensure that the experiences we showcase are responsible, and minimises negative social, economical & environmental impact. We do this by ensuring that suppliers we use are local to the area, which retains the understanding of the culture and supports the local economy; we encourage our travellers to respect local customs, traditions & laws; and we refrain from engaging in and promoting animal tourism – in particular elephant rides. 

We don’t participate in unethical tourist activities and we encourage our community to do the same. 

Green Efforts

Most travellers around the globe will be aware of the environmental impact that their exploration has on our planet – it’s hard to avoid in some circumstances but it shouldn’t be a barrier to uncovering new places. 

We Found Travel are conscious about the impact we have on our planet, so here are a few things we are doing to keep mother nature happy: operating online and carrying reusable cups & straws with us on the road to reduce our waste; committing to change our merchandise to more sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp & cork;  prioritising suppliers that are more conscientious about their impact; sharing our tips & promoting eco-conscious travel; and carrying our values forward in our personal lives as well as work. 

What’s more, we’re working on our Little Green Ledger to sum up all of our values & future goals so that you can be sure that you’re in the hands of a company that cares about our planet without having to compromise on your experiences.


Giving back

We are dedicated to giving back, whether this is in the form of charitable donations, research, volunteer work or ethical gifts and personal thank you’s to our local hosts and guides.

Many of our suppliers also support & donate to charities, local community projects, and causes that are relevantly affected by their individual activities. For example, on our Guyana survival trip, you’ll be encouraged to bring books to increase the local village library & leave your boots for local guides (if you won’t use them again); 60% of profits from Unseen London tours goes directly to your formerly homeless guide; and 5% of  the cost of your Chernobyl tour is automatically dedicated to a children’s cancer charity.

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Investing in low carbon technologies

Everyone has a carbon footprint, and we’ve made a commitment to reduce this. Offsetting CO2 emissions for each trip we make has been shown to be ineffective, so instead we are going to try and reduce the problem in the first place… We’ve dedicated half of our annual donation amount towards investment in low carbon technologies, to enable our current and future generations to travel more sustainably.

Have ideas on how we can implement further positive change? Wish to share your thoughts on our responsible tourism goals? Maybe you would like to work with us or just fancy a chat.