Beat Orbit Budapest

We found a brand-new activity tucked away off the beaten path in Budapest that is absolutely worth the short metro ride to get to!

A thousand times YES to this musical masterpiece not to be missed by anyone with any ounce of fun in their body. You don’t have to be a melodic mastermind or a rhythmic genius to enjoy all the fun that comes along with an hour of lively jamming at Beat Orbit, and there are absolutely no expectations to score the highest points, although if you have a competitive side, you’ll totally be in your element here.

Beat Orbit musical experience, Budapest

Beat Orbit offers individuals and groups the chance to drum away their worries, energise their soul and vibe their heart out in a hypnotic 60-minute session of musical immersion. Encircled by 360 degrees of creative imagery and cinematic surround sound, you and up to five of your most enthusiastic friends are invited into a world of musical mayhem, each with your own set of drums to beat down on.

Imagine Guitar Hero (drum style) on steroids. The kit looks awesome, the feedback is true-to-life and the ability to rock out with your sticks out will have you feeling like a superstar in no time.

Personally, I’m a huge music fan. I love dancing in my pants and strumming a few tunes on the old acoustic, but I have very limited experience when it comes to drums. Although, the thought of this experience got my heart beating like a metronome at 120bpm before I even got to picking up sticks.

Beat Orbit session

Of course, this activity sounds sweet to people like me. The real challenge came from testing whether or not co-owner Adri could enjoy this interactive musical game, facing off against my competitive side, especially since she’d never even sat at a drum kit before. No pressure, right?

To put Beat Orbit’s appeal to the not-so-musically inclined participants to the test, I made sure that Adri had no idea what we were about to partake in before we arrived. There was a little uncertainty in her eyes when she realised we’d be spending the hour playing the drums in a tiny room in the middle of nowhere. Let’s just say, she was absolutely blown away with awe and excitement once we entered and the music started. We were only partway through when she leaned across grinning from ear to ear and proceeded to declare her newfound love for this activity, and announce that if she could, she would without hesitation, stay and play for the remainder of the day.

WeFound Adri and Jenii at BeatOrbit, Budapest

Since Beat Orbit is new to Budapest, there weren’t many reviews readily available online to give me an idea of whether this experience was worth a try or not. I went with no expectations and left on such a high, that I’m still buzzing days later from the thought of going back to try their other, more advanced, drumming games.

I must say, without blowing our own trumpets, we were pretty epic at accurately drumming our hearts out and can confirm we nailed the highest score ever to be achieved so far at Beat Orbit Budapest. I won’t hold my breath for keeping the record for long, but we will both be back to re-claim our title in the near future.

Seriously, don’t miss this activity during your time in the city. It’s super fun and really does get your adrenaline pumping (a usually somewhat challenging feat when sitting still). 

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