Beer Spa in Budapest - a bubbly alternative for the classic thermal experience!

It’s common knowledge that Budapest is famous for its thermal waters and its abundance of spas ready to greet guests with their soothing atmosphere and wellness properties. A quick search for ‘things to do in Budapest’ will surely suggest you make time to enjoy a relaxing break in one of the many baths scattered around the city, however, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing about Beer Spa’s unique take on thermal wellness.

We found this place located in the popular Széchenyi and Lukács baths and can say with certainty that this experience sets itself apart in an unusual and exceptional way.

Drawing fresh thermal waters from below the city and adding a combination of beer ingredients, you can enjoy a 36-degree beer bath that’s comparable to nothing else in the country. Known for its health benefits and side-lining as a useful hangover cure, bathing in beer will surely top your unique experiences list, making it a must-do for any alternative traveller.

We went along to give Beer Spa a try, and they absolutely did not disappoint. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our friendly and welcoming Bath Master, who proceeded to introduce us to the facilities and explain the ingredients that go into preparing the most unique bath we’ve ever had, bubble-free, and full of good stuff.

Ingredients of the Beer Spa

First, the wooden tubs are filled with thermal water drawn straight from the source, arriving at a glorious temperature for a relaxing soak. Next, the perfect mixture of malt, yeast, hops, and fragrant beer-derived bath salts are blended together in front of our eyes and added to the water. Hopping in with delight, we were left to soak our worries away and enjoy our rejuvenating cleanse.

Taking pride of place between the tubs was a tempting beer tap, ready for us to pour as much delicious Czech beer as we would consume. An excellent addition to our spa session and perfectly in keeping with the theme. Oh, and did we mention it’s a limitless flow of golden goodness?

It didn’t take long before our Bath Master greeted us once more, this time with a welcoming tray of bar snacks and hot dogs accompanied by relishes and crispy onion toppings.

There we were, devouring our nibbles, sipping on fine cold ale, and bathing in the stuff. Absolute bliss!

This right here is a beer lover’s dream and certainly trumps sitting at home and cracking open a can in front of the telly.

We’d strongly recommend a visit to Beer Spa during a trip to Budapest. This is certainly an experience you can make time for, especially when accompanied by friends and loved ones.

Cheers to that!

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