What is this event? The official description says: the festival is about special, high-quality food and drink, openness, creativity and love of the colour black.

The festival of black foods and drinks debuted in 2018 in Budapest. The Hungarian founders and organizers continued with bold determination on the international stage, a month later Berlin followed, then Tel-Aviv, Helsinki, New York, Istanbul, London and Nairobi. Rwanda also signed up in the first year. The most successful festival ever held was in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2019 which was attended by more than 4,000 visitors.

Sausage bap on the Black Food Festival 2020, Budapest

Don’t think of cremated burgers when we say black food, but it is a fact that visual creativity is the number one aspect here. There are chefs who experiment in gastronomy, innovative confectioners and even fashion designers, car vendors and other members of the creative industry taking part in the festival.

This year, the Budapest edition did not seem to get close to the international success of previous years, probably because of the coronavirus, but the event was definitely worth a visit. Our favourite was the black sausage bap, with exotic spices, orange peel and mango mayo. Another company offered black chilli paste, which we can easily visualize in our sandwiches – probably on turkey ham for good contrast.


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