Locating a local restaurant serving up authentic Hungarian cuisine that’s both true to Hungarian traditional cooking, incredibly well prepared and utterly delicious is surprisingly not as easy as you think, even in the heart of Budapest.

There are plenty of traditional dishes to delight travelers with an introductory taste of classic Hungarian fare, such as the extremely popular Chicken Paprikash, or famous Goulash, but not all restaurants on the tourist trail offers these delights with true Magyar care and attention.

During any visit to Hungary, you should definitely give these classic dishes a try, however, consciously seeking out a restaurant that consistently delivers on flavour and presentation, whilst staying true to its native authenticity should be a goal for every alternative traveller. Standard food just will not do. Hungary is a country with a never-ending list of mouth-watering cuisine that pays homage to traditional recipes and a deliciously home-cooked style that ensures their cultural culinary pride is present within every single bite.

Whilst chicken, pork and beef appear in many hearty courses, the country holds plenty lesser-known fish recipes in its giant culinary repertoire, and it’s in these meals where you’ll find an entirely new appreciation for the country’s cooking style.

During our mission to locate some of Budapest’s top, affordable restaurants that offer incredible, tasty local food, preferred by locals and travelers alike, we stumbled across Halkakas Fish Bistro. With its light modern appearance, fun design, and undeniably eco-conscious ethos, we just had to give this place a try. Honestly, we were not the least bit disappointed with our choice.

We think that freshwater fish does not get the attention it deserves from the domestic and international gastronomy; therefore, our mission is to present Hungarian fish in a new light.

Zsuzsanna Lévai

This place not only offers the most flavoursome menu choices in true Hungarian style but does it all in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, supporting local industries and protecting our planet. The service is second-to-none and the food is to die for!!

Halkakas is the first restaurant in downtown Budapest to use only domestically produced fresh fish as their main ingredient, sourcing them from the best fresh-water fish farms in Hungary. They pride themselves on not only delivering exquisite traditional dishes, but also creative modern recipes, in order to present this underrated produce in a completely novel way.

We could certainly rave about this restaurant all day, but we’d rather you spend less time reading and more time devouring their menu options like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you speak English or Hungarian, you will feel right at home at Halkakas Fish Bistro with all your needs taken care of by their friendly waitressing staff. If you value your time and money and wish to experience true Hungarian flavours in the heart of Budapest, this restaurant should be at the top of your dining list.


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