Into the Emerald – Rafting the Soca River in Slovenia

If you are a lover of extreme sports, such as rafting, canyoning, ziplining, kayaking, mountain biking, and so on, you should definitely pay a visit to Bovec, Slovenia. The romantic little town lays in the Julian Alps in the Triglav National Park and some consider this place to be the rafting capital of Europe, for a good reason.


The River Soča with its turquoise and emerald green colors and crystal-clear water is the most beautiful river we have ever seen. The fast water flows across waterfalls, rocky gorges, and cascades only to slow down here and there to form pools that are ideal for swimming. Well, if you don’t mind extremely cold water or you own a wetsuit.

It’s only a short trip from Bovec to visit the majestic Boka Waterfall. The water free-falls 106 meters than rests on a rocky shelf before another 30 meters drop.

This time around we only had a half-day to spend here and cooling down in the river seemed to be a good idea after climbing the steep steps of the Tolmin Gorge. Upon arrival, we couldn’t be more grateful to ourselves for thoughtful planning, as the heat was unbearable.

We booked our rafting trip with SportMix Bovec. Upon arrival at their base in the center of the town, we immediately felt the good vibes of the young, experienced team. We were quickly provided with our protective gear before the short car ride to our starting point along the Soča.

Jump from high rock on the Soca River
The big jump of WeFound Jenii

The rafting isn’t too hard so there is plenty of time to look around and enjoy the breath-taking landscape of the alps but there are enough exciting rushes, falls, and obstacles to provide fun and adrenaline for the whole family.

We stopped at a widening of the river where our guides flipped the boat and pulled it onto a rock, creating a slide into the water, which was a super fun start to our adventure. After some more adrenaline-fueled paddling, we were offered to jump from a 7-meter high rock. Jenii didn’t scare away from the challenge, even after facing the rock wall that she had to free-climb. Even though she was a little unnerved, she couldn’t turn down the opportunity for an awesome GoPro shot and bragging rights, of course. She did, however, forget to swim after her heroic jump, so our guide had to action a rescue to save her from floating away but we won’t mention that here…

We spent about a 1.5-2hrs on the river and had the most awesome time the whole the way through!

A huge thank you to SportMix for this incredible experience. Check out their website if your planning to head to Bovec in the future.






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