Challenge yourself on an incredible two-week Jungle survival challenge as you learn to survive with almost nothing within the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana. Live amongst monkey’s, anaconda, caiman and jaguar as an Ex British Special Forces instructor and local Amerindian guides teach you all you need to know about Jungle Survival and how truly comfortable you can make yourself in this wild, untamed environment.

After training, grab your kit and test your skills as you’re sent off on your solo survival challenge...



Training Phase: Your training begins after you set up camp for the week. You will be taught all the skills you need to find water, make a shelter, light a fire and procure food.

We bet that eating tasty bugs, fishing for piranha and hunting wild game with a bow & arrow wasn’t on your list of things that you’d be doing this year!


THE CHALLENGE - Should you choose to accept

Isolation Phase: You are now ready for the most demanding, true to life jungle survival situation. For the next few days, on your own or with a buddy, you will put all your survival skills to the test with just a machete, bow & arrow, belt kit and the clothes on your back.

This is not a walk in the park. 30% of participants throw in the towel, so do you have what it takes to survive the Jungle?

  • 2 Weeks
  • Challenge Experience

Georgetown, Guyana

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