Test your drive to survive on an extreme 10-day Desert Island Survival Experience in Panama, made famous by Channel 4’s “The Island” with Bear Grylls. Enjoy the magic of 277 acres of jungle and white sandy beaches alongside an Ex British Special Forces instructor and local guides, who will teach you all you need to know to survive in this beautiful but harsh and unforgiving environment.

After training, the real challenge begins when you become marooned in Paradise and are forced to put all of your new skills and knowledge to the test. Prepare for an experience of self-growth and discovery, forming long-lasting friendships and overcoming situations you never thought possible.



Training Phase: Your training begins after we set up camp for the week. You will be taught all the skills you need to survive in this beautiful but harsh and unforgiving environment. You will learn how to:

  • Turn seawater into freshwater
  • Catch, gut and cook fish
  • Make fire by friction
  • Build a shelter
  • Make the best use of what little you have


THE CHALLENGE – Simulated Survival Situation

Isolation Phase: You are now ready for the most demanding, true to life desert island survival situation. For the next few days, you and your small team will be stranded, Robinson Crusoe style, with little more than a machete, a sat phone and a handful of fishhooks. This is now the time to put all that training into practice. You must bond and work together whilst being pushed to your physical and mental limits.

  • 2 Weeks
  • Challenge Experience
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