Looking for some home vacation ideas to relieve your travel withdrawal? We’ve got you covered.  This week, we’ll be sharing our worldwide theme-night ideas for the perfect home vacation.

We begin in Mexico, the home of culinary delights, upbeat mood-boosting music, epic cocktails and cultural splendour.

Dinner – Mexican Pork Tacos

We love tacos as much as anyone else. Especially if its Tuesday (#tacotuesday)! Try this tender pork shoulder version with delicious spices and immerse in the taste of Mexico.

Drink – Margarita

Serve some fancy looking margaritas with your food, don’t forget to put some salt on the rim of the glass – you just need to make it wet a little and dip it in a pile of salt. After mastering the basic recipe, you can try your own flavours – how about watermelon or elderflower margarita? Be adventurous with your flavours! You should test out which one is your favourite while you are cooking.


Set the mood – Mexican Folk Music

Charro Mariachi playing the guitar

You can’t go wrong with a Mariachi band to create the perfect atmosphere. Their music is uplifting, joyful and just so inviting to dance! In Mexico City, the Garibaldi Plaza is the centre of Mariachis,  where countless artists try to secure a gig with bypassers. If you prefer your music to be a little bit rougher, some bands combine elements of traditional Mexican folk music with metal!

Listen to this playlist to feel like you are walking across the Garibaldi Plaza!

Take a virtual tour in Mexico City

Picture of colourful houses in Mexico

Mexico City is definitely should be on your bucket list. It is the most ancient city in the Americas, with nearly 700 hundred years of history. The thriving cosmopolitan vibe of our days somehow perfectly harmonises with the colonial-style buildings and the remains of the legendary Aztec culture. 

You can discover one of the largest and most interesting cities in the world. Bonus: no crowds.

Take me to Mexico!


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