Thai Airways opens an airline-themed restaurant

Do you miss airplane food during the Coronavirus pandemic? Well, we would not put the boxed meals on the top of our list of what we miss most about travelling, but the Thai Airways and the locals think otherwise.

Thai Airways revamped its headquarter and opened an airplane-themed popup restaurant, so those who are missing the in-flight dining experience can get their fix.

I like the in-flight meals on Thai Airways, but we only get to have it when we fly. Today we get to have it here, that’s good because we want to eat.

Kanta Akanitprachai (50) – Reuters

Since Thailand banned flights back in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fleet and its staff has been pinned to the ground, which is devastating for the commercial travel industry. Trying to recoup some of the lost revenue lead up to the opening of this unique restaurant on 3 September. 

The headquarters office canteen was transformed to imitate the inside of the airplane, by replacing chairs with airplane seats and putting tables made from old plane engine parts in place. They even put a boarding stair at the entrance to make the experience even more realistic, where upon arrival, the cabin crew welcomes the guests.

Source: Reuters, Chalinee Thirasupa

I ate a lot, It’s better here than in the air because it’s cooked to order.

Pirachat Pengthongworrapetch (36) – Reuters

Breakfast is available from 7 AM and they start to serve the main international menu at 9 AM, that includes Caesar Salad, Japanese yakisoba, and shwarma kebabs amongst other Thai dishes.

The restaurant serves about 2000 meals a day which cost between $3 and $5.

Source: Reuters, Insider

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