The Peace Stupa - Buddha's blessing in Hungary

The Peace Stupa in Zalaszanto is amongst the many spectacles of the Balaton Uplands National Park. The Buddhist sanctuary is quite an unusual thing to see in Hungary and surprisingly, this is the largest Stupa in the whole of Europe.


The Peace Stupa of Zalaszanto, Hungary


Standing on a 316 meters high mountain, the 30 meters high and 24 meters wide Stupa overlooks the Lake Balaton. Don’t panic if you feel like you got lost in the forest while driving up the hill on the shallow forest path. Upon arriving at the clearing, then incense-filled air, the sounds of wind chimes, and the strings of colorful little flags with Buddha’s blessing will make you feel like you arrived in a different country.


Peace Stupa in Numbers


In 1990, South Korean Buddhist monk, Jon Bop decided to build a shrine that would represent peace, happiness, and enlightenment in a country that just transitioned from communism. He chose this location because the local people were welcoming towards the culture and religion that came from Asia. Thanks do donations from South Korea, Hungary, and Austria, the Stupa was erected by 1992. The 14th Dalai Lama personally inaugurated the sanctuary.



Uniquely in Europe, the Stupa preserves an original Buddha relic in addition to Buddha’s teachings. Unfortunately, the interior can not be visited, but we can walk around and turn the prayer mills for good karma. The Stupa should always fall to our right hand.

The colorful prayer flags hung around the area everywhere meant to fill the environment with prayers and mantras. The wise words travel with the wind and disperse benevolence and compassion, so they can benefit everyone. The five colors of the flags: blue, white, red, green, and yellow represent the five elements: sky and space, air and wind, fire, water, and Earth.

A meditation house also belongs to the establishment, where we can join the Buddhist monks in their peaceful silence.

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