Train hotel in South Africa, Kruger National Park

An extraordinary luxury hotel will open soon in the world-famous Kruger National Park: the guests of the hotel can spend the night in a train, stationed on a bridge.

The inspiration from the hotel came from the historical bridge. The Kruger National Park is open to visitors since the early 1920s, but at the time, the only way to visit the area was by train, which parked for overnight at the exact same spot where now the hotel takes place. The historical rail journey back in the day was 9 days long and this was the most popular stop.

Kruger Shalati Hotel on the bridge

The Kruger Shalati Hotel has 31 rooms including 24 carriage rooms and 7 bridge house rooms. The interior of the train was designed to every luxury need, with glass walls in the rooms, plush furnishing and comfortable bathtubs. There are swimming pools where you can swim overlooking the rich wildlife beneath.

Kruger Shalati Hotel room interior

It is not yet known when the hotel can open its doors for tourists, the coronavirus pandemic has overwritten the original plans. The owners hope to be able to host guests from December this year. A night in the hotel will cost 165 thousand forints, including full board and guided tours in the National Park. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay for the time being, but family-friendly suites are amongst future plans.

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